E n g a g é e

It is said that a company is the image of those who form it: its teams, customers and founders. 2019 will see this company become more engagée (committed) than ever before. Committed to becoming the responsible and sustainable brand it set out to be – a brand that places action over words, substance over form. With our impact on the planet and people guiding our choices, without misinformation, exaggeration or pretence.

Throughout the evolution of Sézane, I have always sought to be transparent; inviting you to share your questions, concerns and discoveries with us along the way. Rather than espousing simple promises, we’ve always favoured transparency and progress, without ever bowing to the politically correct.

Contributing to the philanthropic program DEMAIN (tomorrow) has given this brand, my passion; the meaning that I always wanted it to have. Through twelve ‘Calls of the 21st’, twelve dedicated philanthropic creations, and our premier charity boutique, in 2018 we collected more than 1 million euros for DEMAIN. This money will provide assistance to thousands of children, to ensure they have access to a better tomorrow. In 2019, this momentum continues, with two new partner organisations joining the cause alongside French charity La Voix de L’Enfant (The Child’s Voice), Pencils of Promises and Sport dans la Ville (Sport in the city). You can download the balance sheet of funds donated by DEMAIN, and a record of their full impact on our site.

The creation of an environmental sustainability program has proven to be just as vital and urgent. The journey towards sustainability is an ongoing one which cannot be circumvented by a catchy slogan. We have sought to scrutinize everything we do: travelling, arranging meetings with corporate responsibility specialists and recruiting environmental consultants who are experts in their field. There is often no miraculous solution, and the challenge becomes a matter of compromise, willingness, courage and patience.

I have a duty to share this path with you. To share that which I have learned through the process of creation/production, and especially during the last 3 years as we have strived towards more responsible fashion. In this respect, I particularly wish to speak about the countries in which our collections are produced, including China (sometimes a subject for debate), about our choice of raw materials, eco-friendly materials, vegetable tanning, recycling, about DEMAIN and our Charity Boutique here in Paris. By means of 21 questions and answers which you can find today, on our dedicated site, I invite you to come inside Sézane. Discover the reality of our work, our constraints and our achievements; the information you need to make informed decisions.

As with every year that passes, 2019 will prove to be a year of even greater commitment. Of course, it’s also a commitment to you, to enable you to become as confident as always in your support of Sézane. Today, tomorrow and the future. I wish you a joyful beginning to 2019. I will be back in touch with you next season, to report on our progress.

Morgane Sézalory