The Silk

Silk is a delicate fabric that requires
a great deal of care. Our quality team
tests and wash and care of all of 
our different clothes. Always respect the care
advice indicated on the your
clothing label.




Silk is a precious and delicate material, that becomes even more fragile once wet, that is why we recommend hand washing rather than machine washing.
If you opt for a hand wash, use cold rather than luke warm water. Be careful not to press or wrinkle it and don’t let it soak for too long (3 to 5 minutes max). Preferably, use liquid soap because powered soap can stain your clothes.

We don’t recommend it, but if you opt for a machine wash, please use the program “hand wash in cold water” and take care to wash your garment with other items so to not damage it. Use a very soft  soap. If you do not have a “hand wash in cold water” program, do not use your washing machine as heat is silk’s enemy.




After a hand wash cycle, gently rinse your silk top without twisting it as you may cause the fibres to slip.

It is recommended to carefully wrap your silk garment in a towel and press gently to remove excess water before drying.

We advise you to hang your article on a hanger in the open air and without direct exposure to sunlight. Sunlight damages silk fibre and causes its colours to fade.




We advise you to iron your garment while still wet.
If this is not the case, you can use a damp cloth with an iron at low temperature (important) and without steam.


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