If you acquire a viscose product, please follow these recommendations
in compliance with the maintenance label. Our quality team
tests and wash and care of all of our different cloths. Always respect
the care advice indicated on the your clothing label.




Like silk, viscose is very fragile under traction, especially when wet. This is why we recommend hand washing rather than machine washing.

- So, be careful when washing and do not twist the fabric. Use cold to lukewarm water (20 °C max.). If you have the slightest doubt about the temperature of the water, avoid taking a risk and use cold water.

- It isn't necessary to leave your clothes soaking for too long, this might damage the colors and the materials. Soak the clothes in cold water with laundry detergent and rub softly for 3 minutes, then rince with clear and cold water for another 3 minutes. If your piece is stained, use Marseille soap dry on the stain before soaking it in water, then rub delicately to not damage the material.

- If you opt for a machine wash, use a “hand wash in cold water” program and take care of your garment by adding other garments in the wash so that the machine doesn’t damage it.

- In some rare cases, we advise on the clothing label to dry clean only. If that’s the case, follow our advice to avoid any shrinking.

We recommend that you wash your clothes on the reverse side in order to preserve the brightness of the colours. The way the fabric reacts to water can change the suppleness of your favourite top, but don’t worry! Once dry, it will recover its original feel.




Drying on a hanger is the most appropriate method for a viscose garment.




Viscose should be ironed when it is still wet

Like silk, iron at 1 dot (110 °C) with a damp cloth for even greater precaution. It is during this step that a viscose garment recovers its original size.


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