Our care advice

Our advice and tips to help you with the day-to-day maintenance of our finest garments.

Environmental Care Tips

1/ Launch your machine cycle only once it's completely full to reduce washes. 

2/ For machine-washable pieces, favour lower temperature cycles (below 30°C) that use less energy.

3/ Use under the recommended amount of your laundry liquid. Your machine will continue to run as long as it detects foam.

4/ Choose to lie your pieces flat and air-dry over tumble drying (at Sezane, we never use it!). It's better for the planet and your clothes!

5/ Follow our easy recipe for home-made washing detergent. All you need: Marseille soap, baking soda, water and the little bonus: a few drops of essential oil.

6/ When professional cleaning is necessary, consider ecological alternatives. Contrary to its name, 'dry cleaning' uses a large amount of water and chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Some of our favourites here in Paris include: AqualogiaSequoiaLes ratons laveursKoala Pressing et Baleo.

7/ Always refer to our composition tags thoughtfully made by our Quality team.