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This week we are winding back time, and reverting back to the essential revealing what Sézane originally set out to be- an innovative, sustainable brand which creates beautiful clothes while respecting the planet and its people. Through the words of founder Morgane Sézalory and our unique savoir-faire, discover how these promises have come to life. 

The Story Behind the Label 

In 2013, after a few years of selling selected vintage clothing and her first creations under the name Les Composantes, Morgane Sézalory decided to change direction and solely create. This is how Sézane was born, contraction of her first and last name, the first French fashion brand to start online. A brand committed to giving you the most beautiful creations at the fairest prices. Each season we evolve for you, our teams and our planet. 

The Evolution of the Label 

The Art and Method behind the Label

 Carefully chosen thread and hours of meticulous, manual stages weave our perfectly finished pieces together. Each piece represents our ever-increasing demands for style, ethics and quality. 

Discover the Art and Method behind the Sézane label here.