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The Ocean is calling.... 

This week marks the beginning of the first departures for vacation! To celebrate:
☀️A fresh print will revamp your wardrobe ;)

☀️And we will help you pack a vacay-ready suitcase!

Flowers of the ocean

- 1 -

Our new floral print encompasses the bright colours and carefree spirit of summer.  
Perfectly lightweight, you will be sure to stay cool in any heatwave. Find this print as a dress, shirt or blouse ;) 

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Time to Pack

Undecided about what to take away?
We are here to help you pack the most stylish suitcase with our essential summer packing list.


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Vacay time!

 Soon our addresses will also be taking a break for the summer! 
A bonne nouvelle: Le Bon Marché, Selfridges, and L'Appartement in Aix-en-Provence will be open throughout August. 

L'Appartement : 27/07 - 03/09
La Librairie & Conciergerie du 16ème : 27/07 - 27/08
La Conciergerie Générale : 03/08 - 20/08

L'Appartement in Notting Hill: 03/08 - 27/08

 ☀️NEW YORKL'Appartement in New York will be open all summer for the city that never sleeps!

Summer throwback

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Child's play

'When I was little'
The Sézane team shares some of their childhood photos and holiday memories.....
 Parasols, sand, and melting chocolates...
Hover over each image to discover their childhood, holiday memories ;) 



"The scent of pine, the birds singing in the trees, Micka’s famous tropéziennes, Luna Park, playing hide and seek, laughter, atmospheric storms at end of summer, and above all musical dinners with my crazy family ;) 
= my defining memory of summer !"


"I remember having a fringe that was always too long (I still have it to this day) and spending my life the raspberry bushes. Now when I taste raspberries, I am transported back to my childhood vacations spent in Haute-Savoie"



"As children, we discovered an enchanted forest, an incredible spot at the heart of Haute-Loire which became our private playground for the summer. A forest composed of crooked trees with twisted branches and leaves, the perfect place to make dens. Dens with three floors, dens with a hammock, dens with a restaurant….. every summer we let our imaginations run wild."


"Summer in Australia is long and hot and spent almost entirely outdoors.
We'd migrate to the beach for a few weeks every year, but most summer afternoons were spent at home, 
in our backyard- in my own little world with my sister & our imaginations. 
I remember the smell of the sprinkler on sunbaked grass, eucalyptus wafting in the hot, dry air, and the sweet taste of warm apricots, fresh off our tree."


"Summer memories of my childhood include sweltering hot days in the South of France packed with sandy picnics on the beach, melting ice creams and sun-drenched strawberries. Eternal summer nights spent playing with my younger cousins and dining with my family al fresco." 



"My memories of I’île de Ré.. The island of 30 years ago, when the bridge was first created, and the villages were still very small. The one that was the backdrop to extraordinary cycling adventures on empty bike lanes, and walks towards la Martinière. The one that was my first memory of the ocean, Trousse Chemise beach, with its blue, glistening waves accompanied by the scent of pine."

This week's Click-List

The Sound of the Ocean

With the world’s oceans covering 71% of the earth’s surface and being the home to millions of species, we wanted to celebrate its beauty and offer you some tips on how you can help to preserve it this summer. 

 Reef-safe sunscreen!

Did you know that the chemicals commonly found in sunscreen create a damaging effect on the world’s coral and other marine species? While no sunscreen is completely safe for the earth’s waters, it is best to avoid brands that include oxybenzone and octinoxate. Look for reef-safe ingredients such as non nano zinc oxide instead!

 Recycled Clarisse Dress!

 There is nothing more perfect than a picnic on the beach... Unfortunately, millions of tons of plastic are ending up in the oceans each year. By recycling your rubbish, pieces such as our Clarisse dress (50% of the dress material is from recycled plastic bottles) can be created and aquamarine waters will be preserved.

The Guppyfriend!

 When washing your clothes, microparticles are released by synthetic fabrics with every wash. These particles consequently pollute the oceans. However, by using a mesh washing bag such as the Guppyfriend you can trap these particles.

Ocean Click-List!


☀️ An exhibition? If you ever find yourself in Paris, immerse yourself in the exhibition ‘Dreamed Japan, Images of the Floating World’ (part of the expo Van Gogh: Starry Night) and submerge into the ocean by Hokusai’s iconic great wave. 

☀️ A photographer? Award-winning French photographer Ben Thouard captures the energy and the infinite textures of the place he calls home, the ocean.

☀️Artists? Ocean Contemporary is a collaboration of international artists who raise awareness of the problems inflicted on the ocean through their pieces.
☀️A film? Nothing is more dreamy than young Leonardo Dicaprio in the cult-classic The Beach, which takes place at a mysteriously beautiful hidden beach and lagoon.

☀️An Insta account to follow? Follow @protectingoceans to uncover the wonders of the deep blue sea.

 See you next week!