The Green List

A work in progress, and a whole-hearted commitment. Every collection, our range of eco-friendly pieces grows (85% of pieces in our latest collection were of natural origin). Discover a selection of our most sustainable pieces, made from natural or sustainable materials.

Our pieces in 100% organic cotton

Organic cotton limits the use of pesticides, genetic modification and water. Little by little, our pieces in organic cotton are obtaining GOTS certification, (Global Organic Textile Standard). This is the most reliable, international, independent certification to guarantee the organic composition of textiles, from the harvesting of raw materials to the labelling.


Our pieces in sustainable materials

Among them, Lyocell, an artificial fibre that is respectful to the environment & resilient. Linen, that requires very little irrigation to cultivate and recycled polyester (which remains one of the most effective ways to create certain design effects such as pleats).

Our vegetable-tanned leather

‘La maroquinerie’ has been at the heart Sézane since our origin, and today the story continues with our ‘Heritage’ collection- which uses vegetable tanning, a practice which is more respectful to the environment than traditional methods (reduced water consumption and elimination of the need for sulphate)

Future in Progress: 
Sézane is also committed to a better tomorrow through DEMAIN